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About Us


San Giorgio Coffee was founded in 1981 by Joseph DeCaria. From Calabria, Italy, Joseph had found success in whole sale food distribution but decided to venture into different realms. He launched a new coffee business in an already competitive U.S. market with the belief that his passion for roasting would make his product stand above the rest.

It’d be nice to say it was smooth sailing from there but then Joseph’s dedication to authentic coffee wouldn’t have been revealed. The coffee beans he was importing from Italy were stale by the time they got to him. Searching for a solution, he began working at a roasting company for no pay with the agreement that he could work on his own blend after hours. His dedication and finesse in his quest for the perfect batch was recognized in his award winning espresso now known today as San Giorgio’s “Silver Beans.”

Before long any restaurant worth getting coffee from was serving his signature blend. But that wasn’t enough for Joseph. By allowing people to individually roast his coffee he found that quality and consistency were non-existent. This is why San Giorgio also began selling, renting, and leasing out deluxe coffee machines to clients to ensure that the product never lost its signature character. To this day we continue to offer the best and latest instruments so that our clients are properly equipped for making the perfect cup of coffee.

Enter Joe Lopez. In the coffee business since 1984, Joe joined San Giorgio Coffee in 1999 and brought the company to the next level. Under his leadership, San Giorgio Coffee began a multi-million dollar upgrade to our facilities with fully automatic equipment from Italy. This allowed us to blend, roast, grind, and package our coffee to ensure that an artisan level of quality was preserved from start to finish. While most coffee producers brew in large quantities for mass production, San Giorgio only produces 230 pounds per batch. By doing so, we are able to maintain the distinguished taste and texture that is lost in mass production outputs. If that wasn’t enough, (which for us, it isn’t), we also prepare our coffee on a one week rotation so that we only send out the freshest product.

Aside from the espresso, we’ve also perfected award winning American, flavored, and international coffees. Joe’s drive to deliver the perfect roast is the reason San Giorgio is the go to name in gourmet coffee.

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